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APPT LATE DROP OFF - <15 minutes will result in later ready and pick up time and a late fee may be applied.

APPT VERY LATE DROP OFF - >15 minutes may result in cancellation of appointment at our discretion and a late fee applied.

AFTER HOURS LATE PICK UP FEE - \ closes then $1 per  1 mins after hours




STAYING LONGER OR ARRIVING EARLIER THAN YOUR APPOINTMENT TIME WITHIN GROOMING HOURS- You will be given an approximate ready time and receive a text when your dog's grooming is completed, we allow 1 hour semi-supervised care from your time of notification for pick up, A fee will then be charged  for supervised care of $15 per hour including within the first hour when doggie has not been pre-booked into daycare prior to the commencement of their appointment. Please let us know if you wish to pick your dog up or drop earlier at the time of making your appointment. Doggies having the works (full groom) may book supervised daycare with groom for the between grooming hours of 8.30am-5.00pm at $40 on top of grooming cost please advise on arrival if you will be leaving your doggy for a later pick up if you have not already at the time of making your appointment to avoid late charges, bath or neat and tidy dogs wishing to remain at the salon for later pickup and not within the hour of receiving your text will be charged $15 per hour or full or half day pricing on top of the grooming fee when previously booked with appointment.


If your dog has fleas you will be required to pick up immediately grooming is completed, your dog will be given a flea treatment at an extra cost of $10.00

If your dog barks incessantly and cannot be quietened and for the comfort and sanity of staff, neighbours and other dogs you will be required to pick up your dog asap after grooming is completed

If your dog is aggressive to others in our care you will be required to pick up yopur dog immediately grooming is completed

Failure to pick up your dog immediately in these instances will result in an extra $20 per 1/2 hour charge on top of the grooming fee



MATTING AND KNOTTING - Matted coats will incur an extra charge. The Polished Pet will not attempt to comb out knotting. Knots will be cut out and grooming advise given to the owner to prevent knots from occurring. Matts will be shaved out, your dogs skin may become irritated during the de-matting process, please be aware there is a risk of your dog being nicked or grazed as the groomer has to work so closely to the skin with a sharp blade to remove the matted coat. All care will be taken by the groomers but the possibility of injury exists, advise will be given on consultation on groomng to prevent matting in future.



AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOUR – The Polished Pet reserves the right not to groom or to cease grooming a dog at any time due to aggressive behaviour. Charges may still apply for grooming/time spent with the dog. Advice will be given for further grooming.



DIFFICULT DOGS – Difficult to groom dogs will incur an extra charge. Where an extra groomer/s is required to complete a service due to behavioural issues, an extra fee of $65 per additional groomer per hour or part thereof will be charged.



FLEAS - Whist all care is taken to ensure a flea free environment, we cannot guarantee that all dogs coming into The Polished Pet will not have fleas. We recommend all dogs be kept up to date with their flea treatments. An additional fee of $15 will be charged for dogs with fleas as a flea treatment will be given. Advice on further flea prevention will be offered.


VACCINATIONS Minimum current C5 vaccination must be up to date when visiting The Polished Pet.



  • The Polished Pet are not liable for any medical or vet costs. However, the client/Owner(s) accepts and grants permission for staff to obtain emergency Veterinary treatment for the dog at the client/Owner(s) expense should it become necessary.

  • The client/Owner(s) agrees that The Polished Pet shall not be held liable for any after grooming effects that matt clipping may produce or any problems uncovered on the badly matted neglected coat.

  • The Polished Pet provides all dogs with a bow or other accessories to compliment their groom. The client/Owner(s) understands that these bows or accessories can be a choking hazard and understands that they are only safe for the dog to wear whilst supervised.

  • I acknowledge that accidents can and do happen and I hereby absolve The Polished Pet and its staff from any and all responsibility involving, injury, escape, damage or disease during and after their grooming appointment.

  • Any complaints or dissatisfaction must be notified and discussed on completion of the groom, before leaving premises. In the event of any agreed additional grooming, as goodwill the dog must be returned within 24 hours .


Dogs will be acessed for suitabililty to attend daycare, spaces are limited to 6-12 small to medium dogs only. You will be required to fill out an application form, sign a medical release and daycare waiver form.

All dogs must hold current C5 or above vaccination certificate and must be spayed or neutered. Puppies can remain unaltered until 6 months of age and they must be at least 18 weeks old to attend Doggy Daycare.


All dogs must have regular flea and worming treatment, if fleas are found on dog they will be removed and treated immediately for fleas at extra cost,  you will be required to pick up your dog immediately if you receive a call requesting  you too, a late fee of $45 per hour will apply if not picked up within hour of request.

I your dog is aggressive to others in our care or to staff you will be required to pick up your dog immediately upon request to do so

Failure to pick up your dog immediately in these instances will result in an extra $20 per 1/2 hour charge on top of the daycare fee.

If dog is showing signs of illness or has been ill  please inform us as soon as possible to discuss. Your dog may be asked to stay away from Daycare for up to 7 days to ensure the wellbeing of everyone in our care.

A late fee of $1per 1 mins will apply to dogs not picked up by closing

 Your understanding and cooperation with these matter's is very
much appreciated

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